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Actors face fines for cancelling theater performance


The actors who cancelled yesterday’s performance of No Man’s Land at the Macedonian National Theater will face fines, the theater’s director said Saturday.

“Theaters exist for their audiences. Yesterday, even though the play was sold out, some 600 audience members didn’t have the chance to see the play,” Dragan Spasov-Dac told the media saying that ‘each and every member of the cast of No Man’s Land’ would be fined.

The cast of No Man’s Land cancelled the show yesterday refusing to perform in a sign of solidarity with their fellow actor Vlado Jovanovski.

A judge issued on Friday an order putting him under 30-day detention for his alleged involvement in the events of 27 April 2017 in Parliament.

On Saturday, Culture Minister Robert Alagjozovski said the actors’ boycott was a further proof that the country was still being trapped by the former administration and that politics had deeply penetrated into the institutions.

“For us, it’s normal and acceptable people to show solidarity, but we urge all culture workers to think twice about who they are showing solidarity for,” stressed Alagjozovski.