Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 16

Ahmeti: DUI has a huge contribution to changing the name of the state in order to get closer to the EU and NATO

The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) visited Tuesday the Municipality of Aracinovo and explained to the inhabitants of the villages belonging to this municipality the importance of the voting on September 30 in order to join NATO’s largest military alliance, and the voting to change of name of the country.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti stressed that Albanians are people of good will, who love life, the future, love the freedom.

I do not doubt the decision, or the strong will of the Albanians that on September 30 they will say yes to Europe, yes to NATO and the future. Albanians were an inseparable part of the process, we were part of the solution to this process, part of the solution to the name dispute. I guarantee you, as your brother, that by joining this country in NATO and the European Union, the dream of the East to rule the Albanians in this region ends. Come out and vote FOR Macedonia on September 30, because our future, the future of this country, is being decided, said DUI president Ali Ahmeti.