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Ahmeti says political crisis was imposed by centers who do not wish well to the country


The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) held a conference of its women’s organization on Sunday evening, at which party leader Ali Ahmeti said that the crisis in the past two years was imposed by political structures who do not wish well to the country. Ahmeti, whose party is the largest in Parliament representing ethnic Albanians, called on the voters to support DUI, especially in the 6th electoral district where the bulk of the ethnic Albanian members of Parliament are elected.

“The coming elections are very important and I have no doubts that DUI will win. We had a very difficult term in the past two years and I would not want to see a repeat of this situation. Let’s put the past behind us and fight for what is coming. We could have done more for the citizens if it weren’t for the political crisis that was imposed by structures who do not wish us well. We don’t build factories, but we pass laws that improve the situation in the country”, said Ahmeti, speaking about the wiretapping affair initiated by the opposition SDSM party.

DUI, a party that was formed out of the guerrilla movement after the 2001 conflict, has been part of the ruling coalition for most of the time since 2002. It’s position is that the party that wins most votes among ethnic Macedonians should always make a coalition with the party that wins most votes among ethnic Albanians.

Ahmeti also called on the smaller parties that now vie for the Albanian vote to work on their programs, instead of attacking DUI all the time. The usual division of the ethnic Albanian vote among DUI and the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) is challenged before the December 11th elections by a recently formed party BESA and a coalition made of two splinter factions from DUI and DPA. The largest opposition party SDSM is also making a push for ethnic Albanian votes with several Albanian candidates in the lists it presented on Sunday.