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Ahmeti: We will engage all stakeholders for successful referendum

Participants in the Road to Brussels via Ohrid debate, marking the 17th anniversary since the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, concurred that the significance of the accord lies in the fact that it has set an example of conflict settlement in the region and beyond, that it has laid the foundation for a democratic and multi-ethnic society and expressed their hopes that the citizens in the Sept. 30 referendum will choose the European path for their country.

Government representatives, Parliament officials, diplomats and mayors attended the panel on Monday, organized by the Secretariat for European Affairs.

In the past, even the most optimistic people couldn’t have imagined that Macedonia after 17 years will be an example of how conflicts can be solved through dialogue, said DUI leader Ali Ahmeti speaking at the panel.

NATO, he stated, had played a major role in preventing the conflict in Macedonia from escalating.

The citizens should be aware that the success of the upcoming referendum is in fact their success, Ahmeti noted. “We will engage all stakeholders in order to mobilize and inform every citizen that in fact the upcoming referendum builds the future. This victory is really the victory of peace and stability,” the party leader told the debate.

The Ohrid Framework Agreement, which ended the 2001 conflict in Macedonia, was signed in Skopje on 13 August 2001. Then President Boris Trajkovski, former Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE leader Ljubco Georgievski, as well as SDSM, DPA and PDP leaders, Branko Crvenkovski, Arben Xhaferi and Imer Imeri respectively, signed the treaty.