Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Air pollution poisons the citizens, hospitals are crowded

The green color that guarantees clean air was painted in orange and purple. Carcinogenic PM particles exceeded the permissible values several times.

Skopje’s Center and Karposh as well as Aerodrom were shrouded in smog. There, in the evening, air becomes dangerous for the health of the citizens.

Apart from Skopje citizens, Bitola, Tetovo and Kumanovo citizens are also breathing polluted air. In order to protect themselves, they stay locked in their homes, and the authorities are silent. They are yet to speak about concrete measures. At the moment, they emphasize that the citizens are sharing the blame for repeating last year’s alarming situation with the air.

The plastic that is being burned along the Vardar river is one of the pollutants. It is believed that it is exactly the biggest issue in the Skopje’s Karposh.

World statistics say pollution directly affects the rise of malignant diseases. Respiratory problems among the citizens are also increased during this period. Hospitals, especially children’s departments, are crowded. In combination with viruses, polluted air additionally complicates the health of citizens.