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Albanians preparing to shake Macedonia with protests


Albanian opposition in Macedonia is preparing for major protests. The first warnings come from representatives of the Besa Movement, a party that in the second round of local elections run along with the Alliance for Albanians, writes Gazeta Lajm.

Besa Movement official Emad Mehmeti has suggested that protests could be a response to irregularities and “election fraud” in local elections. “No one else can do it with thefts and frauds, except the state and the government to deform the elections, along with the police and the mafia, to determine the fate of our municipalities, so it’s time for …”, Mehmeti wrote on Facebook , without mentioning the word protests, but clearly alluding to that with the publication of photos of the major protests that took place on May 9, 2016.

There is no direct warning by the Alliance for Albanians about protests, but this party also said that that there were multiple irregularities on election day, writes Gazeta Lajm. Even from the Besa Movement and the Alliance for Albanians, the allegations of irregularities referred to SDSM and DUI, the two largest government parties. Meanwhile, many Albanian analysts estimate that protests can be the only response to the government if the will of the Albanians is not respected in this elections that were convincing in favor of the opposition, but that was not effective because of the support DUI received from Macedonian voters.

Sources: / Lajmpress (Almakos)