Friday, 19 October 2018 | News today: 3

Aleksandar Sarievski’s nephew, Ivan is this year’s Galicnik Wedding groom


Ivan Sarievski, the nephew of the famous Macedonian folk singer, Aleksandar Sarievski, is this year’s Galicnik Wedding groom, scheduled for July 12 and 13. His chosen one is Ana Gareska, who, also has Galicnik origin.

This is the first Galicnik Wedding that will have two weddings, and the second couple to be married in the picturesque village in Western Macedonia is Stefan Kukovski, with Galicnik origin, and Margarita Ivanovska.

This is the 41st edition of Galicnik Wedding, which unites over 30 wedding traditions characteristic for the Mijak region, many of which are also performed at the weddings in Macedonia today. However, the costumes, the folklore, the great number of participants, as well as amphitheaterical setting of Galicnik make the Galicnik wedding unforgettable experience for every visitor.