Sunday, 18 November 2018 | News today: 7

Alfa publishes WikiLeaks documents: Dimitrov, Crvenkovski were against holding name referendum (VIDEO)

In the exclusive documents to which Alfa came, which date from February 2008, that is, two months before the NATO summit in Bucharest where Macedonia was to become a NATO member, along with Albania and Croatia, Nikola Dimitrov said at the meeting with the then US ambassador to Macedonia, Gillian Milovanovic, that he categorically opposed a referendum on the name dispute.

US Ambassador Milovanovic sent several confidential reports and diplomatic cables to the State Department, but also to the CIA and other US agencies, recounting her meetings with the current foreign minister, and then national coordinator in name negotiations. The meeting for which we are publishing documents today took place on February 20, 2008, and on February 21, the report was sent to the CIA and to the State Department.

The diplomatic cables by US Ambassador Milovanovic stated that not only national coordinator Nikola Dimitrov but also President Branko Crvenkovski had a clear stance against name referendum.

It was during this period that a consensus was established in Macedonia on all relevant stakeholders around the red lines against the change of the Constitutional name, and Dimitrov and Crvenkovski are breaking the agreed strategy.

Ten years later, Nikola Dimitrov, as foreign minister, signs an agreement with Greece that obliges Macedonia to change the Constitution, the name of North Macedonia to be for both internal and external use, to revise history, to change personal documents . And on top of that Dimitrov together with Crvenkovski are calling on citizens to vote “For” in the referendum on September 30th.