Tuesday, 17 July 2018 | News today: 19

Alsat-M: The defense will seek compensation for the “Monster” case

The “Monster” case now will start from the very beginning. After almost six years in the country’s prisons, the defendants of this case will have the opportunity to defend themselves from freedom. However, according to the defense they must be compensated for the time spent in prison.

Naturally, as in the “Sopot” case, so in this case we will seek compensation for those years they were in prison without guilt. The only precondition for this request is an effective verdict, it’s a simple inert action and one has the right to compensation, it’s a job that will automatically be realized because these defendants will be released, as I am convinced they are not guilty and the epilogue will be such that they will be released from this indictment, said lawyer Naser Raufi.