Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Apasiev: Only citizens can oppose this crazy plan for self-destruction of Macedonia’s constitutional name


Today, the rule of law was buried and only the citizens remain, because they have no guardians of the Constitution, they have to preserve themselves, that is, to resist themselves on this crazy plan for self-destruction of the constitutional name of the state, which, by the way, was voted plebiscitary and which can be changed only in another referendum, and not by a parliamentary decision or by any other decision, said university professor Dimitar Apasiev on TV Kanal 5 show “Samo vistina” (Only the Truth).

Apasiev stressed that he was ashamed to attend the session and that the Constitutional Court judges did not bring a legal decision but a political one.

If they had caught a goldfish and said that they would become constitutional judges they would not because they were put there by party line and they made such a decision, a political one, he added.

Apasiev added that the Parliament has no competence to change the constitutional name of the state, and that the Constitutional Court has the competence to determine the constitutionality not only of the Constitution but also of the laws.

A decision in a referendum is a by-law general legal act that means that the Constitutional Court cannot say that I am interested only in the Constitution, it must see whether the decision is lawful or in accordance with the law and the Constitution, Apasiev said.