Saturday, 20 October 2018 | News today: 6

Appellate Court is not interested in arguments and justice, political orders must be delivered

With the Appellate Court’s decision that wiretapped conversations are used as evidence in case “Tank”, human rights, international standards and domestic laws are multiplied by zero. The Appellate Court, like everything else, is under enormous political pressure to deliver what Zoran Zaev announced as early as the campaign he was running before the parliamentary elections.

Zaev clearly told the judges that “there must be and there will be arrests.” They left room for judges to choose between their own integrity and the division of justice based on law and the implementation of orders from Zaev and the centers of power on the other side. Therefore, in the meantime, lists of ineligible judges that would not be re-elected because they are ineligible for the new government have been announced.

Facing this choosing, the judges absurdly decided to believe SPO’s empty words calling for some “international legal standard” without specifying which standard, which has established it, where and in what procedure. The tragedy to be greater, all the arguments supported with examples by the defense were completely ignored.