Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

April 27 becomes Zaev’s practice: Janko Bacev as Trojan Horse to break people’s defiance

The government, in collaboration with shady characters and provocateurs, is trying to give pro-Russian overtones to people’s protests against the change of the constitutional name of the state and thus delegitimize them before Europe and NATO.

Proof of this is the participation of Janko Bacev from “Edinstvena Makedonia” on Sunday’s protests in front of the Parliament’s building. Indicative is the presence and behavior of Bacev, who was waving a Russian flag at the protest in defense of the Macedonian constitutional name.

Is Janko Bacev the new Trojan Horse for a new April 27 tailored to Zaev’s wishes?

Bacev was the only one who got on a police vehicle last night, and one of the few who came out unscathed from the protests.

He led a group of twenty people, and then mysteriously disappeared during the police action. Additional dilemmas that open today are why the protests were held in front of the Parliament’s building and not outside the Government’s building, which signed the capitulation agreement, why Bacev waved a flag from another country in front of the Macedonian institution.

It is obvious that Zoran Zaev wants to lead to a new April 27, which will have to channel the energy of people and present his opponents as a radical element.

The police were completely prepared and with clear instructions not to refrain and to use excessive force on their own people, and to allow the radical elements that made political marketing from the whole situation to leave the place and mysteriously disappear unhurt.

New April 27 fits exclusively with Zoran Zaev. It will help him to passivize people’s energy and break the defiance of the citizens.