Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

‘Arberi’ road will connect us with Macedonia, says Albanian PM Rama


During a joint meeting between Albanian and Macedonian governments which is to be held in Podgradec, Albania will ask Macedonia to complete ‘Arberi’ road within its territory, Albanian PM Edi Rama told during Sunday’s visit to Peshkopia.

The construction of 72km long ‘Arberi’ road will officially start next year. The road will cost 33.6 billion lek and will shorten the distance from Tirana to Debar by around 100 kilometers.

At the meeting with Macedonian PM in October, we have agreed to hold a joint meeting in Pogradec in the near future to discuss about the Macedonian side completing that part of the road within its territory. The road will be short, but it will solve large problem. The distance from Debar to Tirana will be shortened, Rama said.

Rama underlined that the road will not only connect one area with another, but it will be a source for strategic investments, employment and tourism.

‘Arberi’ road will also be an economically significant corridor in the region, and so that one could go to Macedonia easily from Durres Port, Rama said.

The road construction will be completed in 44 months.