Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 18

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia opens kids’ education corner

An education corner designed for pre-school children and pupils was opened Wednesday at the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, whose goal is to serve as a place where children will learn about the cultural and historical heritage of the country in a fun and interactive way.

The kids’ corner offers a variety of activities and games, including drawing, writing and clay modeling.

Second-graders from an elementary school in Skopje were guests on the first day of the workshop, which is part of the Young Archaeologists project. They had the chance to draw artifacts unearthed at sites across the country, to look for artifacts while digging with shovel toys or to make jewelry.

The kids’ corner also offers two educational video games of the Archaeology series.

Attending the opening, Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said the children’s education corner would represent a ‘significant’ source of knowledge in the sphere of archaeology, museums and history.

“In the past few years, by endorsing many projects we have managed to bring our national institutions closer to children. It is important kids to visit these institutions, particularly museums, so as to raise their awareness about the importance of culture and our invaluable cultural heritage,” Kanceska-Milevska told reporters saying similar projects had been implemented in other museums, including the Museum of Macedonia and the Museum of Macedonian Struggle.