Monday, 12 November 2018 | News today: 26

ARM patrol prevents illegal migrant transit at border

A Macedonian Army (ARM) patrol prevented a group of migrants to illegally enter the country by firing several shots in the air at the border with Greece.

One of the migrants has been detained, while the remaining headed back to Greece, ARM said in a press release.

An ARM patrol detected a group of people illegally passing the border in the area of regional road Gevgelija-village Moin.

“The patrol vocally warned the group on several occasions, but they ignored the calls. Therefore, a few warning shots in the air, which prompted the group to head back to Greek territory. One person who stopped has been detained and handed over to the Ministry of Interior for further processing,” says ARM.

The army, in cooperation with the border police, remains committed to preventing further attempts for illegal entry at the country’s territory.