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Arrested ISIS fighters radicalized by mullah Memishi of Skopje-based Tutun Suz mosque

The seven ISIS fighters repatriated from Syria to Macedonia on Tuesday were students of mullah Rexhep Memishi of Skopje-based Tutun Suz mosque, who was sentenced last year to seven years in prison for participation and organization of a para-military and recruitment of ISIS fighters.

According to police sources, the fighters from Skopje, Prilep, Tetovo and Gostivar, aged between 23-41, were relieved to arrive in Macedonia, taking into consideration that most of the fighters arrested in Syria and Iraq had been liquidated.

Macedonia is part of the international anti-terrorism coalition and cooperates with foreign services. It continues to detect, identify, neutralize and persecute foreign terrorist fighters.

The anti-terrorism national strategy was adopted in 2011, while a national coordinator was appointed in 2014. A follow-up strategy was passed in 2015.

“We need to start from the core, the local communities. We need national reconciliation and building of values, making people aware in the local communities, through the NGOs and international organizations. The goal is to replace repression by prevention, introduce a soft approach so that these people go back to their normal lives,” says national coordinator Borce Petrevski

As of September, violent extremism will be discussed at classes in schools, while teachers and parents’ councils are to undergo training on this topic.