Sunday, 18 November 2018 | News today: 7

Asani: I do not know if my brother threatened Selmani, but I will repeat that for me he is a “bastard”


Beqir Asani, the “troubled” member of DUI’s branch in Cair, who is particularly popular these days, denies that he threatened the president of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) Naser Selmani and says he only offended him.

Namely, Beqir recently called Selmani a “bastard” and “a woman” in an interview with Maktel, after which journalists and citizens staged a protest in front of the government building, calling themselves all “bastards” and urging the government to silence the abusers.

“I told him he was a bastard and again I repeat that he is a bastard, nothing more. And as for whether he received any threat from my brother, I have no such information. It is not about DUI or the government. I cannot speak on behalf of these two organs, but once again I will repeat that I am speaking exclusively on my behalf,” says Asani in a statement for TV 21.