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Baily: The US is confident that the agreement with Greece will go forward


The US is confident that the agreement will go forward and  fully expects Macedonia as North Macedonia to enter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Ambassador Jess Baily told  Channel 5 TV on Friday.

He underlined the need of setting up a State Election Commission as soon as possible for it ‘to get on with the business of holding a referendum (on the name agreement) at which citizens will be able to express their opinion on this very sensible matter.’

‘I think this a moment when the citizens of Macedonia will in a sense have to decide do they want a future in NATO and the European Union, which is on offer right now. It involves a compromise with Greece. Is that compromise worth this future – that’s the question the citizens will ask themselves? In the end I think they would vote for this, as that support for NATO has been around in the country since the 1990s, since the independence. I think that certainly since the Bucharest Summit it has been obvious that there has to come to an agreement with Greece on the name issue for this to move forward. It’s a difficult compromise but I think it is now the opportunity for the citizens of the country to seize their future, Baily said.

It is up to citizens, Baily said, to go out and vote ‘for’ or ‘against’, but understand also clearly what the consequences of these decisions would be.

‘One would take you forward on a path towards NATO and the European Union and the other will keep the status-quo with the certain level of uncertainty in the country,’ Baily said.