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Boris Damovski: I heard about Alexander the Great from my grandmother

Our soldiers, crowned and celebrated in the lines of NATO, after all fight under foreign agenda, based on profits from slavery. That leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

I have been recognized, I have a mileage through Skopje same as a city bus – grins movie director Boris Damovski whom the public mostly recognizes as the author of the satirical animation movie “Ednooki”. We talked in his office, an interesting room with a special energy. The old cameras have their own story to tell. Fan of photography, fan of videos. He reminded himself on his journalistic days, when as an 18 years old boy he worked for “Ekran”…

Damovski openly talked about the night when he was arrested in the frames of the police action “Spy”. Mmbers of the special unit “Tigers” entered in his home and as he says they acted correctly regarding the fact that he has an under aged child. He believes that his contacts with the people charged were the cause that he was on the list of arrested people at that same night… We talked with him about antiquization, the name, scrutinity, “Ednooki”, a satirical movie in which many people wanted to be on it and did everything to be cartooned in the next edition of the production “Contraband”

-I had an urgency from a friend of mine about a certain person to appear on “Ednooki”, comments Damovski on that.

Boris Damoski 3a

You were and still are part of a group of people who publicly demand for the name talks to cease, and who in that context have been organizing protests against the Greek jingoism. Do you still think that we should not negotiate with our Southern neighbor, who, actually, does not negotiate in the name dispute?

Damovski: Their attitude is still the same in regard to the changing the name, while the negotiations, unfortunately are compulsory, but not in this form and under this patronage. In contrast to the majority, which in the name talks only see one thing, accession in EU and NATO respectively, I see these things unnecessary.

Can Macedonia allow itself to stop the name talks in a situation when, objectively, Greece is a world’s diplomatic force, which can easily misuse such position and present us as non-constructive?

Damovski: Greece is world’s diplomatic joke, far from force. It has been treated as a retarded relative with made-up origin by its ‘family” and now almost three centuries after the beginning of that operation of European romanticism, it misused its privileged position remanding its creators how naive they have been, and they will never admit that. However, admitting or not, they are forced by their shame to worry about that unsuccessful semi-finished product.

What can say about NATO’S hypocrisy where they enjoy to accept our soldiers on military missions, but do not want to make us an equal member of EU, where only for us they do not count the criteria that count for all other candidates?

Damovski: What can I say about hypocrisy, selfishness, unreliability? Our soldiers, crowned and celebrated in the lines of NATO, after all fight under foreign agenda, based on profits from slavery. That leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Boris Damoski 14

How does your family experience as a child affects your attitudes regarding the name issue and everything that is happening to Macedonia?

Damovski: I do not think that the background is crucial in establishing those attitudes. Whichever family where patriotic values and attitudes are respected and celebrated, has the same effects on the generations that brings up. The only advantage of that background is that from a first hand you learn that our ancestors spoke this language, nourished the Macedonian culture with generations back, and that is the only thing that makes me a little bit more informed about the true history of the Macedonian people, history not faded away with the false internationalism nourished in the half century socialistic period.

Once you said that neither the current Premier nor any other politician has affected on the prevailing antique ideas in your family, but that was your grandmother?

Damovski: Yes, my grandmother Angelina told us the legends about the emperor Alexander while at school they told how smart was Rex, Tito’s German Shepherd. In whom to believe? The teacher, who happily drives in his “101” car bought with a free of charge-credit or the daughter of Petar Damov Hristov – The German?

What do you have to say about all those who criticize the so-called antiquisation, a phenomenon in which apart from the rebelling and partisan history, there are other values, characteristic for the Antique Period that have been promoted?

Damovski: Ridiculous, dull, obviously made to work out someone else’s ideology. All that poor wallowing in self-derogation is a sad attempt to put us in global indifference towards nationality and uniqueness. Behind that is the need put us with values that are not close nor typical for Macedonians. So finely wrapped ‘individuals’ are compulsory as a gift at the alter of the new world’s regime, but that is another story.

Boris Damoski 2

According to you, in what measure does Macedonia have the right to use the antique values? Can Macedonia give up from the brand Macedonia, the brand that is mentioned in the Bible for about ten times and which is one of the rarely well-known words in the world related to this people. It is the same with Alexander and Philip.  

Damovski: By turns: Very much, no and no.

How do you react on the gossip that it is possible the Macedonian identity to be changed. Is there any danger of changing the personal and national identity of a whole group, which has been creating it with decades and centuries, as well as the personal identity of a series of generations who were born and died as Macedonians?

Damovski: That is the thesis, which the plotters and the supporters of the necessity to change the name constantly force. Outside they are calling us Klingongs, but deep inside we know well who we are.

The absurdity and offence contained in that thesis is unacceptable for whoever with a rational mind. The jugglery with phrases and the spinning with facts also reached an academic confirmation with the all kinds of PR schools, which have wrapped around our necks. We are only left to hold on to our own.