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Bosnjakovski: The Government cannot interfere with the SEC budget


The government, including the Finance Ministry, did not have any information about the bonuses paid to the State Election Commission (SEC), government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said. According to him, the SEC is an independent institution and the government cannot interfere with how the commission organizes its budget.

“We are aware that both the media and the public have reacted violently to the decisions of the SEC members to grant themselves bonuses, but as for the Government, it does not have the authority to intervene. The SEC is an independent body, and each budget user allocates the money within their budget. But, I emphasize, neither the Ministry of Finance nor the Government of the Republic of Macedonia had information regarding the bonuses paid to the SEC,” said Bosnjakovski.

He pointed out that the problem is the same as the problem with the MPs travel expenses.

“It is a similar situation, and the public reacted rightfully, but the Government cannot order to amend the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament. This is something that the MPs themselves should do and remove something that angers the public”, said Bosnjakovski.