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Boutaris: Perception that Macedonia is only Greek is unfortunate

Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris says the perception that Macedonia is only Greek is unfortunate.

He told the Greek agency ANA-MPA, as MIA reports, that when it comes to solving a certain problem, it is necessary to take into account all involved parties in the dispute.

When you are going to solve a problem, you need to review the aspects of all involved, Boutaris said, adding that the irredentist tensions in relations with Skopje should be put an end to.

It’s not just the name. If the neighbors’ constitution continues to have irredentist tendencies, the issue will not change, he added.

As regards the protest in Thessaloniki against the use of the term Macedonia in the name solution, held on Sunday, with about 90,000 people taking part, Boutaris believes that this phenomenon did not help the negotiations at all and did not solve the problem.

Undoubtedly the rally was grandiose and impressive, he said, adding that he watched it on television.

I’m disappointed that for 25 years not taking anything did not make us think differently, Boutaris said.