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Branko Crvenkovski is against the agreement with Greece, but he will vote FOR in the referendum

On September 30th, I will come out and I will vote FOR! I will vote FOR, not because I think that the Prespa Agreement is a great victory and success, but because I think it is a necessity that that in this situation there is no escape, the former President of the Republic of Macedonia Branko Crvenkovski said in a written statement to the public.

I will vote FOR, not because I think that its implementation will not have negative consequences, but because the negative consequences if it were to fail would be far more considerable.

It is normal that in every reasonable and responsible person when it comes to such an important issue there are dilemmas. Many people have asked me if I would sign such an agreement. My answer is that at this point it is absolutely irrelevant.

The agreement has been signed and there is going back after that act. Neither will the current or any future Greek government will give up the acquired positions with this agreement, nor the international community (at least the society we want to fit into) will have an understanding of such lack of seriousness on our part and failure to carry out the undertaken duties.

There are many reasons why I am deeply convinced that the Euro-Atlantic integration is the only good option for our future. Most of them have been repeated and explained in public many times.

On this occasion I will mention only two that, in my opinion, have not been elaborated enough:

1. Unfortunately, in these 27 years we have shown that we do not have the capacity of our own to implement quality reforms in society without serious pressure and monitoring from outside. And I also feel a great personal responsibility for this. In other words, if we want an organized and regulated state, the process of our integration into NATO and above all in the EU and the fulfillment of the given norms and standards through that process is, if not a full guarantee, then surely our best chance and opportunity for achieving that goal.

2. Good inter-ethnic relations are the key to stability and a prerequisite for everything else in the Republic of Macedonia. If we were to have no prospects regarding Euro-Atlantic integrations, despite all successes of our neighbors, sooner or later we’d run into a risk to our national stability. We need to eliminate this risk in good time.

I know that you have many reasons for dissatisfaction with the functioning of the current government. I know that you have more reasons for dissatisfaction with the functioning of all previous authorities.

But the attitude towards politicians and political parties is expressed in elections.

On September 30th is something completely different. In this referendum it will be decided, not who will rule, but which path to the future as a state we will choose.

On September 30th, despite all my heavy internal dilemmas, I will follow my own common sense and I will vote FOR !, reads the written statement of former President Branko Crvenkovski.