Monday, 18 June 2018 | News today: 8

Brglez: Macedonia’s EU-NATO integration should be accelerated


It is necessary the Republic of Macedonia to make bolder step towards the European integration. The stability of the region will be greater if all former Yugoslav countries become part of these integration processes, Slovenian National Assembly Speaker Milan Brglez said Tuesday in his address before Macedonian Parliament lawmakers.

Relations between Macedonia and Slovenia are friendly and good, and Ljubljana, he underlined, supports economic and political development and European integration process of the Republic of Macedonia.

Regrettably, there are factors in the international community that slow down the European integration processes, and Slovenia is trying to speed it up. According to Brglez, a key factor for slowing down Macedonia’s EU integration process is the split in the European Union between East and West. It is more important than the UK’s exit from the EU, Brglez underlined.

Once again, he thanked Macedonia in handling the migrant crisis.

The Republic of Macedonia deserves full recognition for what it made for the rest of the countries on the Balkan road and for the EU countries, and not such an obstruction as it experiencing now. Slovenia will do everything to get you back on your path to NATO and the EU, Brglez said.

Economic relations are good, but they need to be further developed.

There are still many unused possibilities, Brglez said, who believes that Macedonia should learn from the experiences of Slovenia.

Today’s talks in Skopje have confirmed that Macedonia and Slovenia share common views in numerous areas.

Slovenia is among the first countries that recognise Macedonia under its constitutional name, and this year marks 25 years of diplomatic relations.