Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Bulgarian translator Ganco Savov wins 2018 Macedonian Literary Daedalus


Bulgarian translator and literary researcher Ganco Savov was presented Friday with the Macedonian Literary Daedalus as part of the 11th Macedonian Literary Visit taking place in Sofia.

The award is an acknowledgement of Savov’s notable contribution to affirming Macedonia’s literature in Bulgaria and improving cooperation between the writers in the two countries.

Vladimir Cvetkovski, editor of the Makavej publishing company, said the award had been established in an attempt to recognize the efforts of exceptional translators who had been promoting Macedonian contemporary writers by translating their works into Bulgarian.

Thanking for being recognized, Savov underlined his commitment to bringing the two nations closer and his admiration of many Macedonian authors, including Bozin Pavlovski, Rade Siljan, Gane Todorovski, etc.

“I’ve always supported efforts for rapprochement, which has been established and thriving. I was happy for everyone working to bring the nations closer and I want it to continue in the future,” Savov said in his address after receiving the award.

The 88-year old author has translated some dozen books by Macedonian writers into Bulgarian and has written over 20 studies and reviews of Macedonian contemporary works.