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The upper courses of Vardar, Crna, and Treska rivers have flooded

The upper courses of the rivers Vardar, Crna, Treska and some of their tributaries have flooded, the National Hydrometeorological Service reports.  The new precipitation of 10 to 15 liters per square meter that is predicted for the next 24...

Most river watercourses have doubled in Macedonia

The water level of Treska River near Makedonski Brod is almost three times higher in comparison to the March average, while the water levels of Vardar and Sateska have doubled, Monday’s hydrological measurements show. According to the National Hydrometeorological...

Video of Macedonian rally in Melbourne

Tens of thousands Macedonians took part in Sunday’s peaceful rally in Melbourne in defense of their name and identity.

Is the name dispute being resolved outside the Republic of Macedonia?

Behind closed doors, the government negotiates a change outside the United Nations process. In addition to the official meetings, the name is on the table also in many closed meetings. One of them is the one held in Potsdam, Germany last...

Kotzias in Skopje, fresh round of name talks by March-end

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is scheduled to arrive in Skopje for a meeting with counterpart Nikola Dimitrov in the second half of March, while a fresh round of the name talks mediated by UN envoy Matthew Nimetz is expected by the end...

Zaev and Mickoski agreed political parties to be financed from state budget

Political parties will not be financed by donations from individuals and legal entities, but from the state budget, where for this purpose several million euros should be allocated, according to the achieved election results. This was confirmed...

Zaev after meeting with Mickoski: I informed him about the course of the name talks, we agreed to see each other again

I understand the position of VMRO-DPMNE not to return to Parliament until they are complete, but our position also remains unchanged – we do not intend to influence the judiciary and the decisions of the court regarding the detained MPs over...

Mickoski after meeting with Zaev: VMRO-DPMNE will return to Parliament when the parliamentary group is complete

At the moment, VMRO-DPMNE remains on the position that we cannot be completely active in the Parliament from mathematical and political nature. I have the feeling that these problems will be overcome and the VMRO-DPMNE will return to the Parliament,...

SDSM: Burning of photos is undemocratic act

The burning of photos of political leaders is an attack on democracy, but that will not prevent Macedonia from stepping forward towards NATO and the EU, SDSM reacted over Sunday’s burning of photos of its leader Zoran Zaev at the protests...

UN Assistant Secretary-General Jenča visits Macedonia

United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Miroslav Jenča pays Monday a visit to Macedonia, meeting with Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. Jenča will also meet with chairs of the parliamentary committees on European...