Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

Citizens demand resignations at major rally


A grand rally organized by the World Macedonian Congress, the Boycott movement and groups and parties which object to the renaming of Macedonia took place in front of the Parliament building on Sunday. Thousands of people from Skopje and across Macedonia braved the cold and the damp weather and rallied carrying flags and posters calling on the Zoran Zaev Government to resign.

The rally was opened by opera bass Igor Durlovski, who sang the national anthem. Durlovski is among the artists who were detained for organizing past protests against Zaev.

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– We demand an urgent and unconditional end to the process of amending the Constitution and rejection of the imposed Prespa treaty which was clearly refused by the citizens at the referendum. We demand respect for the international and domestic law, protection of the name of the state, dismissal of the Parliament and early general elections, said actress Arna Sijak, for the organizers.

Speakers included World Macedonian Congress President Todor Petrov, father Ivica Todorov, Solza Grceva, activists from the Boycott movement and many others. During the rally, a laser beamed the message “Resign” on the Parliament building while a huge flag draped the attendees.

– They are denying our right to self-determination. Our human rights. Why is the civilized world silently observing this and allowing it to happen? We proudly say no to this sell-out of our rights. We will not be traded with. We will protect the statehood of our country, that was being built for centuries, said Solza Grceva.


The rally took place on the anniversary of the birth of Krste Petkov Misirkov, a major figure in the Macedonian national renewal movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. Born in Pela and active in Macedonia as well as across Europe, he wrote the seminal piece proposing the creation of a Macedonian national state called “On Macedonian Matters”.

At the end of the rally, Todor Petrov, one of the organizers, announced that next steps will include road blocks and strikes across the country.