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Citynews editorial comment: 10 reasons why Albanians should make a coalition with Gruevski

The editorial office of Tirana-based Citynews released an editorial comment why DUI should make a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE entitled ’10 reasons why Albanians should make a coalition with Gruevski’.

The reasons below are mentioned having taken into account the Trump-Soros situation or the Erdogan-Gülen situation, the political developments in the United States and Russia as well as those in the region between Kosovo and Serbia, writes Citynews.

Here are the ten points mentioned in the editorial comment:

  1. Taking into consideration that the war between Trump and Soros is global and it is similar to that of Erdogan and Gülen, Albanians currently cannot go against the American administration because the Republicans control all mechanisms of the state and Zaev is clearly on Soros’ side.
  2. The US and Russia are ready for an agreement on Crimea, the Balkans and Syria, Albanians cannot go against Trump and the US and give the cooperation with the US to Serbia and Russia and protect Soros and Zaev.
  3. Serbia plans to destabilize Bosnia and Kosovo, and for that it needs an unstable Macedonia which is outside NATO, so that the Albanians need stability which at the moment only VMRO-DPMNE and DUI can bring.
  4. Serbia is attacking Gruevski through Ivica Dacic and wants Zaev to come into power as Serbia and SDSM have always been strategic partners.
  5. Zaev didn’t take a stance on any of the requirements of the Albanian platform, although he took 70 thousand Albanian votes.
  6. Zaev’s bribing of 70 thousand Albanian votes has opened space for mass political assimilation, similar to Yugoslavia’s, taking about 70 thousand votes, or 8 MPs while putting only to two to the ballot.
  7. Albanians in Macedonia are interested in NATO membership as an important strategic factor and only VMRO can find common language with Greece mediated by Trump’s administration with which Gruevski has good relations, i.e. with Vice President Mike Pence.
  8. Gruevski was put in charge of a regional anti-Soros war in coordination with the new US administration and a war with Gruevski would only strengthen Soros, and weaken the regional Albanians.
  9. The Balkans, Ukraine and the Middle East are among the top priorities of the new US administration and it would be disastrous for the Albanians to support the wrong side in the first year of the new administration.
  10. In Kosovo war VMRO-DPMNE was on the side of the Albanians and NATO, it has recognized independent Kosovo and decided to support this country in all international initiatives and it would be ungrateful to lose such regional associate and stand on the wrong side.