Sunday, 18 November 2018 | News today: 7

Clear recommendation for Macedonia’s accession talks in draft-report

The European Commission recommends the unconditional start of accession negotiations in its draft-report on Macedonia, obtained by MIA.

“In light of the progress achieved, the European Commission recommends that accession negotiations be opened with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Maintaining and deepening the current reform momentum on the Urgent Reform Priorities will be decisive for the country’s further progress. To support this, the Commission would apply the reinforced approach for the negotiating chapters on judiciary and fundamental rights and justice, freedom and security to the country,” reads the EC report.

It adds that the country has largely overcome its deep political crisis, while the necessary structural reforms are a lengthy process which will take years and the damage of recent years cannot be undone overnight.

The Commission welcomes the work done to address the Urgent Reform Priorities “through a genuine desire to reform and an objective assessment of the situation, followed by the preparation of overdue strategies and legislation, and consultation of all stakeholders, including the opposition, in an inclusive and transparent manner.”

The EC says it is even more important that the political will to move forward is once again clearly present.

“A positive change in the political mind-set has been seen across society, the lack of which has been a major impediment to reforms in recent years,” reads the report.

EC sources told MIA that the commissioners should once again meet before finalizing the report, with changes in the wording still a possibility.