Thursday, 18 October 2018 | News today: 2

Companies demand stable political situation in order to invest


Political turbulence in the state in the past two years affected the security of the investments. There will always be drop in production and exports when private sector restrains to invest. A stable political situation and reduction of election cycles are necessary in order private sector to be able to invest, President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce Daniela Arsovska said Wednesday.

At the press conference at which Macedonian Chambers of Commerce launched the project “World Network for Small Businesses,” Arsovska told reporters that private sector must know and be sure that there will be no turbulence again in order to continue with production and exports cycles.

Regarding the minimum wage, Arsovska stressed that the government is expected to start paying the subsidies for the companies as of next month.

We do not want to face with the problems of liquidity due to increase of costs that companies do not really have the opportunity to withstand, as they increase, in addition to all other charges, such as the increase in the minimum wage. We would not like to face a situation in which the private sector will start to reduce the number of jobs to meet the quota for minimum wage payment, Arsovska underlined.

Arsovska once again emphasised that the business community needs efficient state administration which will fulfill its tasks in foreseen deadlines thus enabling the companies to normally operate and to fulfill planned activities.