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Cuculovski: Compromise or “compromise” – what was negotiated with Bulgaria?

University professor Ljubomir Cuculovski commented on the news published by some media that a compromise between Macedonia and Bulgaria was reached that would improve the neighborly relations.

“Therefore, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia should clearly specify: 1) What was the nature of the bad neighborly relations, or on what plan was it manifested? 2) To say, without any circumvention, what has the Republic of Macedonia requested from the Republic of Bulgaria. Of course, the reverse – what has the Republic of Bulgaria requested from the Republic of Macedonia, because compromise is only a matter when two parties make certain concessions to each other, because they have conflicting demands and 3) What are the Macedonian concessions? ”

Cuculovski expects to receive simple answers to simple questions, unless it is a secret diplomacy.

“However, secret diplomacy is unprecedented for any democratic government, including the present one,” Cuculovski concludes.