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Culture – never enough


Columnist: Budimka Popovska (nun Makrina)

Culture is when the chimp on ‘Animal Planet’ TV channel pretends to be a monkey.

Culture is when the same TV channel will make a group of five baboons and will give each of them a name. Then, they would compare their habits to those of people and will be wondering who is more original, smarter or more stupid each time something unusual happens.

Culture is evolution zipped in DNA.

Culture is seed from which new era can be conceived.

Culture is a body of a granny and spirit of a young girl. Body of a granddad and the spirit of a kid.

Culture is karaoke on the street of bachelors.

 Culture is when you answer a million dollar question with a speed faster than the speed of thought, and the answer is correct.

Culture is when not every “Why?” has its “Because…”, but the question remains to be asked…

Culture is when in the air there is more reality than in all production houses worldwide, so many realty shows never happen.

Culture is when the sun shines equally for everyone, but not everyone is equal. Culture is making difference.

Culture is seeing the nuances of a scandal, affair, rumor and information.

Culture is when someone like Louis Vuitton can afford to burn all unsold products just because they cannot look at them being sold with on sale… that is better than to think it is the sun…

Culture is humor-assisted shock amortization. Culture is when “16+” sign is on shows with satiric contents. Culture is when shows with educational sexual contents are not tabooed and broadcast only after midnight when the tired one sleep to be able to get up the next morning. Culture is running a poll to see if anyone watches those shows at all.

Culture is the ability of self-control. Culture is using self-control to choose what like, and what you don’t. Selection of wishes is done according to the old definition of freedom, that freedom is when you don’t have to do what you don’t like, and not being able to do what you like.

Culture is a skill of surviving without money. The skill also is applicable in the reverse situation (with lots of money), but once you learn money is asset for survival, not purpose of living, you will than know their value and will really appreciate them. Not to underestimate them – as idealists do, not to overestimate them – as materialists do.

Culture is being moderate in everything and to stop eating when it is most tasty. Culture is the ability to cease the moment when you enjoy it the most and feed yourself with that moment, instead of continuing to swallow unnecessarily and to overeat yourself.

Culture is when Goce Delcev discovered it is a field long before Lynne Taggart wrote his bestseller “The Field”.

Culture is when there is enough critical mass to break down records.

Culture is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Culture is when on the anti-aging cream it would be written – the beauty comes from within.

Culture is when what’s on the inside is sophisticated enough to be on the outside.

Culture is when on the macaroni it’s written that food is the cure, and the cure is food.

Culture is the argumentative consolation in desperate times. Culture is the joker of the Hopeless.

Culture is when you are never too smart. Culture is when even though it is enough, you will always do more.