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Dashtevski: Proceeding to be initiated on the constitutionality of Xhaferi’s election

Three articles of the Constitution have been violated, 14 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and three articles of the Law on The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, which is major violation, political analyst Aleksandar Dashtevski said in a guest appearance on TV Nova over Talat Xhaferi’s election as President of the Assembly.

“I would recommend VMRO-DPMNE to initiate proceedings before the Constitutional Court for examination of the constitutionality of that decision because not only is contrary to these regulations, but it is also contrary to other regulations, such as the rules for voting,” said Dashtevski.

“Voting by show of hands has not been practiced since the introduction of the electronic system. All these articles have been violated,” added Dashtevski.