Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 18

Dashtevski: Running smear campaigns will only get SDS caught in its own trap

Does Zaev think things in politics will stay like this? That things will not change and that he will rule forever? That VMRO will forget and will not pay him back with high interest if he seeks political and party revenge? Do those “ladies” from the SPO think that people will restore VMRO’s strength, and VMRO will return to power? Do they think that all injustice, lies, constructions, political set ups, destruction of lives and families will be left unanswered? Are they aware that the three thousand euros that they eat and drink every month with the aim to lynch people and a whole party will be forgotten? I as an independent analyst, as someone who follows and monitors the political processes, throughout history and today, I know that things will soon change, and VMRO will respond to the retaliation with double retaliation, University professor Aleksandar Dashtevski wrote on his Facebook profile.

They will get what they seek! Just like SDS did in the period between 2002 and 2005. They thought that those that they will eliminate will not be able to pay them back because they will be compromised. Indeed, neither Lambe, nor Vojo, nor Nikola Tasev, nor that woman from Gevgelija that was detained for nothing paid them back, nor did Ljubco.

However, VMRO’s new team did pay them back with high interest, facts, arguments and evidence. Even now there is such evidence against SDS, and it will not become obsolete. And who knows how much more there will be once they start working in the government. It will not help that the new prosecutor will close the ongoing investigations. Another one will come and will reopen them. People that seek political revenge should be prepared that it will get back to them, it’s just a matter of time, writes Dashtevski.

He added that this should not be understood as necessary principle of impunity, but political persecution without evidence, with pressure on the court, which is already obvious, through the political and partisan SPO will cause the same thing in a year.


“I do not understand how Zaev plans to rule in an atmosphere where VMRO will be completely mobilized for continuous struggle. Their mandate will pass in smear campaign, and they will do nothing serious. These ten, fifteen measures they have announced are minor and will not satisfy the people. VMRO had a thousand such measures. Running smear campaigns will only get them caught in their own trap. I think that SDSM and Zaev are not aware what awaits them when they enter the government. How much trouble they will be facing, how many difficult decisions, high expectations, and rightly so, because their promises were huge. The plan to blame the previous government after 26 years of experience and democracy will not pass even if Zaev buys 24 media. Soon they will be confronted with many intentional and unintentional errors of their own. Now they are still in the campaign. They are not out of that film yet. Soon they will face the reality and its capacity to run a state. All those who are now encouraged by foreign intervention to get VMRO in the opposition, and SDS in the government, and spit on VMRO will very soon be ashamed of what they are speaking and doing. The foreigners will meet their objectives and focus on their other objectives elsewhere. We will stay here and we will see the consequences of ruling with smear campaigns and external dictation,” wrote Dashtevski.