Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Date of Parliament constitutive session after MPs get certificates

The constitutive session of the new Parliament will be scheduled once the State Election Commission (SEC) submits the report over the results from the early parliamentary elections and the MPs get their certificates, said the Speaker’s Office on Monday.

SEC has announced it would submit the report to the Parliament by Wednesday.

Article 63 of the Constitution stipulates that the new Parliament composition meets for a constitutive session 20 days after the elections at the latest.

Article 90 of the Constitution reads that the President is obliged to present the government mandate to the party or parties having majority in the Parliament within 10 days from the Parliament’s constitution.

The PM-designate submits the government makeup and programme within 20 days from the mandate presentation.

The Parliament elects the government by majority of MP votes.

The December 11 early parliamentary elections ended with VMRO-DPMNE winning 51 MP seats, followed by SDSM-49, DUI-10, BESA-5, Alliance for Albanians-3 and DPA-2.

A repeated vote was held in one polling station in Tearce, but the result did not affect the allocation of MP seats in the sixth election district.