Friday, 19 October 2018 | News today: 3

Day after bus crash in Turkey: Passengers are returning home, driver remains in detention

The investigation into the traffic accident in Turkey, where a tourist bus owned by Skopje-based company “Boga Transport” crashed into a truck near the town of Malkara, resumes.

The bus driver and the tuck driver involved in the accident gave statements to the police on Tuesday. After giving a statement, the truck driver was released, while the bus driver is still detained. The Macedonian Foreign Ministry, the Embassy in Ankara and the Consulate in Istanbul are constantly communicating with the competent Turkish authorities.

A 45-year resident of Strumica was killed and 38 passengers were injured in the crash. Five of the injured persons were in serious condition while the rest of the 33 tourists suffered minor injuries. They were taken to hospitals in Keshan and Malkara.

Almost all of the passengers, who were on board the bus, are returning home. There are still 3 people in hospital, two of whom are soon to be released from hospital, while the woman who underwent surgery will be kept in hospital.

Some of the passengers headed home by organized transport vans, while others waited to be picked up by friends or relatives.