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Decisions on detainees to be announced today: MPs waiting for decision whether they will be stripped of immunity

The questioning of detained who are prosecuted by the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for “terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security” in connection with the April 27 violence in Macedonia’s parliament, ended in the Skopje-based Criminal Court.

Decisions on all detainees are being prepared and are expected to be announced during the day.

Last night, the court ordered 30-day detention for five people, including former Interior Minister and Director of the Public Security Bureau Mitko Chavkov and opera singer Igor Durlovski, who was part of the civic initiative “For United Macedonia”.

Two people are put under house arrest.

The deputies who were detained on Tuesday have been released and they are waiting for a response from the Parliament, which the Court requested to strip their immunity.

Several MPs and about twenty other individuals were detained on Tuesday, charged with “terrorist endangerment to the constitutional order and security”.