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Derrick May: This was the first time I ever performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra anywhere in the world

The fantastic performance of the unique Derrick May with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra has passed. Ancient Theatre of Ohrid was crowded on the night of Ilinden (August 2). There were more than 5,000 spectators. Even after two hours of energetic performance, the audience did not want to leave the place. Our musician Emin Gian orchestrated May’s compositions and perfectly coordinated both the audience and the musicians, while May awarded the Philharmonic orchestra with cheers.


The project has shown that we can offer something different and put Macedonia on the European concert map. The producer of the project was Ognen Uzunovski, but Igor Ivanov-Izi also had his share, by producing the excellent videos that followed the compositions. It was a musical and stage spectacle that perfectly matched the national holiday.


A series of positive comments, satisfied audience, Derrick May satisfied with himself after his performance in Ohrid. We met him the next day on the balcony of the hotel. Positive, smiling, willing to talk, direct and, above all, very frank. His drank his wake-up coffee with us, explicitly showing the satisfaction from the energy that the audience has given him the night before.


To perform here, in Ohrid, was really wonderful. The response, the audience, the energy from the people was absolutely outstanding, really. My impressions of the theater, the amphitheater… I can only imagine what  it was to be in that place 2,000 years ago watching gladiators fights. It must have been amazing! The power, the audience, the energy… The show itself, what we were doing, we had a lot work to do really develop it, to make it, really, the best it can be. I really enjoyed it, says Derrick May in an interview with Republika.

Watch the full interview with Derrick May on the video below.



By: Nevena Popovska
Photo: Aleksandar Ivanovski