Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Dimitrov – Czaputowicz: Poland supports Macedonia’s bid to join EU, NATO


Macedonia and Poland have been nourishing friendly, close relations for many years, the  Foreign Ministers of both countries, Nikola Dimitrov and Jacek Czaputowicz respectively, concluded Monday in Skopje.

Poland supports Macedonia’s bid to join the European Union and NATO, Czaputowicz said.

‘There are tangible results in the bilateral economic cooperation, namely the last year trade exchange was substantially higher to the one in 2017, something we hope to go up considering the introduction of the Polish airliner’s regular flight this June,’ Dimitrov told a joint press conference with Czaputowicz.

Dimitrov views Czaputowicz’s visit to Skopje as a demonstration of Poland’s support of Macedonia’s road to the EU, NATO membership.

Macedonia, he said, has been expecting and doing everything in its power for the EU members to make a political decision in June on commencing the country’s EU accession talks.

Today’s visit, Czaputowicz said, is yet another proof of Poland’s regular support of Macedonia, and in general of Western Balkan countries.

He also commended the government’s efforts to wrap up the necessary reforms and improve Macedonia’s international status, notifying in this respect the friendship treaty with Bulgaria and ongoing (name) talks with Greece.