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Dimitrov: This is the only way ahead

Even the biggest critics of the Prespa Agreement in the two countries sooner of later will realize that this is the only way ahead, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said Tuesday.

There is a strange symbiosis of the critics of the name deal in the two countries, Dimitrov said responding to a journalist’s question about the comments of Panos Kammenos, Greek Defense Minister and junior coalition partner, that he would leave the coalition once the agreement reaches Greece’s Parliament and about a statement of FM Nikos Kotzias that there is no solution without ratification of the deal.

“I’m confident that the success of this process will help even the biggest critics – some sooner, some later – realize that this is the only way ahead. The region is plunged in history and produces way too little future,” he told a news conference in Skopje alongside Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska and NATO National Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski in which they announced the start of accession talks with NATO.

Both in Macedonia and Greece, Dimitrov said, the forces that want this issue solved have created friendship.

The Minister said that at the moment ‘the process is in our hands’ and Macedonia should do its part of the homework.

“Now it’s in the hands of lawmakers. Let’s finish our job. Then, Athens will take over the process. It’s important to do our job believing they, too, will do their part of the job, because they have also signed the agreement,” stated Dimitrov.

Referring to the opponents of the name deal in the two countries, he said that their criticism came from very different places.

“For Kammenos, the Greek opposition and all other critics, the issue is that the Prespa Agreement, based on the right to self-determination, accepts Macedonian language, Macedonian people with all of their identity characteristics, our cultural heritage. The opponents of this historic resolution in the two countries have a very different perspective. If we make a comparison, the only logical result is no agreement at all and going all the way back to quarrels, identity-related battles, etc,” FM Dimitrov concluded.