Saturday, 20 October 2018 | News today: 6

Director Giancarlo Del Monaco calls for reason and justice for Durlovski (VIDEO)

Support is pouring in for opera singer Igor Durlovski, who is in detention since December 5, due to the events on April 27 in the Parliament. Intellectuals, professors and artists with whom he worked through the years of fruitful career both as opera singer and as director of the MOB, call for reason and justice in Durlovski’s case.

Giancarlo del Monaco is one of the most famous directors in the world, the son of the legendary tenor Mario del Monaco, who staged the opera “Turandot” in Skopje at the time when Durlovski was the head of the MOB.

This morning, he sent a video message asking justice for Durlovski.

“I’m Giancarlo del Monaco. I’m asking for justice for Igor Durlovski. I know Igor Durlovski very well. He is a wonderful person, a great father, great husband and friend, and he was a very, very good general manager of the Opera in Skopje. I believe he is in jail without any reason. I’m asking justice for him. I think in Europe there is no possibility for a man who doesn’t respect human rights. So for that reason, I am protesting against what is happening to Igor Durlovski. ”

Director Giancarlo del Monaco staged Turandot at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. Del Monaco debuted on the opera stage in 1965, when he staged “Samson and Delilah” in Syracuse. His opera productions have been staged worldwide, in Berlin, Monaco, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, ​​Madrid … He also stages his opera productions at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, where he debuted in 1991. He has won a series of significant opera awards for his directorial views of the most famous musical theatre stage works.