Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | News today: 19

Distribution of confidential election material ongoing


The State Election Commission (SEC) launched Thursday the distribution and handover of the confidential election material to the Municipal Election Commissions (MECs) for the October 15 local elections.

SEC Vice President Rexhep Prekopuca paid a visit to printing house “Polyesterday”, where the material is distributed from, saying the process is developing as planned.

“We have already distributed the non-confidential voting material to the MECs. We are satisfied from the printing process of the company, taking into consideration it is printing the ballots for the first time”, said Prekopuca.

“Polyesterday” owner Filip Spasovski said printing of the election material was an interesting project involving all 170 employees and thanked the SEC for its support.

SEC is set to hand over the election material to MECs within 72 hours prior to Election Day at the latest, whereas the MECs are obliged to hand over the election material to the Electoral Boards one day before the polls.