Wednesday, 21 November 2018 | News today: 0

DM Sekerinska: Government focused on name dispute settlement, NATO, EU integration processes


The government is now focused on realizing the plan A, namely the name row settlement, commencing of EU accession talks and obtaining an invitation for NATO membership, Vice-Premier and Defense Minister Radmila Sekerisnka told an open media briefing on Saturday.

‘We believe that in this phase any discussions about plan B could send a wrong message, namely that Macedonia is ready to be satisfied with something else. We should focus on resolving not delaying the problems,’ she said.

Commenting the developments in Syria, Sekerisnka said they would also affect Macedonia in terms of higher migrant pressure.

Today’s developments in Syria show the extent of the fragility of global security, as well as highlight the need for Macedonia, as a small country, to be part of collective security systems, Sekerinska said.