Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | News today: 19

DOM party requests a meeting with polluters Makstil and Jugohrom


The party for Democratic Reconstruction of Macedonia (DOM) has requested a meeting with the management of Makstil and Jugohrom, the sole polluters which do not agree to ecological dialogue, as companies that failed to meet the adaptation deadline, the party informed on Wednesday.

– Neither fines, nor citizens’ appeals affect them, they continue polluting, making profit over our health. DOM requests to meet the management of these two companies, in the presence of nongovernmental organizations and citizens, to face the arguments and find a way out of the smokey tunnel. If they still continue acting arrogantly, DOM urges for the Environment Inspectorate to issue an operations restriction. Polluters that did not want to invest in the ecological adaptation in due time, should now cease their operations and safe us from the eruptions of poisonous substances – reads DOM’s statement.

DOM underlines and ecological programme package has been agreed at the last elections, which stipulates in one of the five items that polluters must stop their operations and expects for all coalition partners to agree on this item, since it is in the interest of each and every citizen of Macedonia, regardless of their political, ethnic or other affiliation.