Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Donev will return difference of 40,000 denars from economy to business class flight

The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism director Aleksandar Donev, who has been subject to sharp criticism by the public over the past two days for using business class flight to Buenos Aires, expressed Thursday regret over his choice in a statement on Telma TV.

The business class ticket to Argentina was 30 percent more expensive than the economy class ticket that is, the economy class ticket amounted to 180,000 denars, while the business about 220,000 denars. Donev will decide how to return the difference in the funds.

Donev’s argument is that it was the first time he was flying business class since the flight was longer than 17 hours, and at the Adventure Travel World Summit he had a busy agenda and a number of meetings for which he needed to be rested.