Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

DUI’s Ahmeti urges for restraint, says politics will find a solution


The joint statement of Albanian political parties in Macedonia neither violates the country’s unitary character nor favors federalization or divisions, says DUI leader Ali Ahmeti.

In a Facebook post, Ahmeti urges for restraint among political parties of ethnic Albanians and Macedonians, telling citizens that political parties and country’s institutions will find a the best solution for them.

“The Albanian parties were not the reason for the systematic crisis in the country and I therefore urge them to refrain from turning this systematic crisis into ethnic conflict between the two largest ethnic communities in the country. Furthermore, I call on parties of ethnic Macedonians to refrain in the expression of their dissatisfaction due to the sensitiveness of our society”, says Ahmeti.

The DUI leader urged people to keep their composure and “not allow to become victims of malicious scenarios coming from suspicious addresses”.

Ahmeti adds that he met with leaders of the Albanian parliamentary parties following the elections for a joint meeting in Skopje, towards harmonizing positions.

“I have always said the joint statement of the Albanian political parties was harmonized and drafted in Skopje, based on the election programmes of Albanian political parties at the December 11 elections. This statement neither violates the country’s unitary character nor favors federalization or divisions”, underlines Ahmeti