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Earlier SDSM insulted Kurz, now it’s begging for his help for the referendum

Earlier SDSM insulted Kurz, and now it is begging him to help them make the referendum on changing the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia successful. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, on the invitation of Zoran Zaev, is set to visit the country shortly before the referendum.

SDSM will try to use the visit of Austria’s Chancellor, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, to exert pressure on political actors and to manipulate the public to achieve a census in the referendum.

Although now they are begging for his help, earlier during his visit in November 2016, insults and tasteless jokes were directed toward Kurz by prominent members of SDSM, such as Nikola Dimitrov, Edmond Ademi, Jani Makraduli, as well as by SDSM’s servants Branko Trickovski and Sase Ivanovski.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, besides the tasteless jokes, on his Facebook profile accused Kurtz of being an autocrat, a Euroscepticist and an opponent of Macedonia’s accession into the EU. Dimitrov even wrote that a democracy exchange is being used to open a migration ramp. Now that his government asks the Austrian Chancellor to appear ahead of the referendum, the question arises as to whether the state name for the migrant ramp is being exchanged?

Jani Makraduli accused him of bribes, while incumbent diaspora minister Edmond Ademi threatened that Kurz would have to apologize before returning to the state.

No insults have been saved from SDSM’s most vocal supporters Sase Politiko and journalist Branko Trickovski, who accused Sebastian Kurz of criminal association bringing migrants, and as he wrote neglecting the democratic, cultural and multicultural traditions of Austria.

“Poor Europe with such right-wing people’s parties! Mr Kurz (Kurz in Macedonian language has similar pronunciation as penis) I’ll stick you on my dick!“, wrote Sase Ivanovski.

Branko Trickovski wrote:

Message to Austria’s Chacellor

Mr Kurz I would like to ask you to convey a message to Vienna, Berlin and Paris that you attended the central rally of a criminal association in Skopje, whose victory in the forthcoming election also brings a European wave of at least 200,000 migrants in the first half of next year, and, perhaps, another 300,000 by the end of 2017. Your favourite government, perhaps, managed to stop several hunderd unfortunates on Bogorodica (border crossing), but in the meantime managed to send 600,000 migrants through the northern border of the country that destroyed it. Party solidarity, Mr Kurz, is one thing, while neglecting the democratic, cultural and multicultural traditions of Austria is totally another thing!

The citizens were assured that SDSM at all costs is trying to push through the contract, so the slightest problem is to take back what they said. But it remains unclear whether SDSM officials will apologize to the Austrian Chancellor for the tasteless jokes and insults they were directing toward him for about two years.