Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 18

ELEM: Power supply remains stable despite increased consumption


The public power production utility company ELEM informed that it is using its all available resources to meet increased demands from households who are using electricity to heat their homes, and is able to fully meet the needs of the consumers. ELEM informed that on Tuesday consumption was 30 percent higher than average while the daily temperature was 15 degrees below the five year average and it prompted some neighboring countries who are also facing increased energy consumption, like Greece, to terminate the inter-connection with Macedonia.

“All our available capacities are put in service, and part of the needed energy is procured at the open market, under the usual procedure approved by the Energy Regulatory Committee for which we inform the public through our web site. We continue to monitor consumption closely and to adjust our own domestic production toward the needs of the market”, ELEM informed.

The company adds that Bulgaria was also examining the option of closing its inter-connection lines with neighboring countries, to prevent transit of energy while the domestic needs are strained. ELEM adds that the increased purchase of available energy on the free market will not affect consumers, given that the price is regulated and the company is covering its own bottom line with the profits from November and December, when it was selling excess energy.