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Enrollment begins at Macedonia’s largest public university


Enrollment begins at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, which is Macedonia’s largest public university.

A total of 10.818 seats are available and would-be students can apply on Thursday and Friday. Out of the total, 5.865 are for full time subsidized students who pay 200 EUR annually and 3.793 are for full time students who co-pay 400 EUR. Additionally, 1.160 seats are open for part time students, also with a co-pay of 400 EUR annually.

UKIM, as the Skopje based university is known, stopped its dispersed studies program and closed down a number of classes that were taught in smaller cities and towns across Maaedonia.

Candidates can apply again, in the second round of enrollment, on September 4th. Faculties which still have seats available will hold a third round on September 15th.