Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 3

EU provides €37.5 million to support employment, education and social inclusion


The European Union provides EUR 37.5 million to support the improvement of the conditions in three sectors: employment, education and social inclusion, EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said Tuesday launching the campaign ‘We believe in You, We invest in You, EU for You.’

Campaign refers to three supported sectors financed by the IPA Operational Programme on Human Resources 2007-2013.

I have visited the country many times to help in dealing with the political crisis, but now I am particularly pleased that now we can draw our attention out from crisis issues and to dedicate ourselves to activities that are oriented towards the future. We are gradually returning to normal. This is very good for the country because now it can focus on more essential things, which means working in the service of the citizens, to enable them to quality and to be employed, Hahn underlined.

He expressed gratitude to the Government for its cooperation in this field, but also thanked the non-governmental organisations, stressing that they are very important for a society to be vital and active.

Hahn added that with this campaign, the EU shows that there is a strong belief in the future of Macedonia, and apart from helping the people in the country, the brain drain in other parts of the Union will be prevented.

In the scope of campaign Hahn visited the Employment Service Agency, rode the EU Bus and addressed the beneficiary audience in the scope of a project “Supporting employment of young people”, implemented by Employment Service Agency.

The launch of the campaign was marked at the EU InfoCentre where besides EU Enlargement Commissioner Hahn, EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Mila Carovska and Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski also delivered addresses.