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Eurovision 2018: Protester storms stage during UK singer’s performance (video)

A stage invader interrupted British singer SuRie’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, The Telegraph reported.

The intruder snatched her microphone as she sang her entry Storm and said “All the Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom”.

The incident left the 29=year-old without a microphone for at least ten seconds and she was forced to clap along as cameras cut to fans in the audience.

She later resumed her song and finished to rapturous applause.

After SuRie finished singing, host Graham Norton said: “She was doing a brilliant job anyway.

He later added: “We are still reeling, there was a stage invasion.”

The intruder, dressed in a black and red bandana and slogan t-shirt promoting a book available on Amazon, was taken into police custody shortly after he was rushed off the stage by security guards after interrupting the performance.

It is believed he was ‘Dr A C’, an activist who invaded the stage at the National Television Awards in 2018 and The Voice in 2017.

Northern Irish talk show host Stephen Nolan also claimed the same stage invader crashed his programme last year.

The intruder was in police custody, according to an official statement by the European Broadcast Union, which organises the contest.

They said: “SuRie and her team were offered the option to sing again but decided not to because they were extremely proud of her performance and have decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”

The singer went on to finish 24th out of 26 entries during the annual contest, which was won by Israel.

After the event, the 29-year-old tweeted: “Well, I’ve always said anything can happen at Eurovision …”